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D'Addario Assorted Pearl Celluloid Guitar Picks, 10 Pack, Medium

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Celluloid is one of the most popular guitar pick materials today. Available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and thicknesses, celluloid is known for providing a natural feel and warm, fat tone. A man-made material, celluloid was first introduced in the early 1900's as a substitute for natural tortoise shell picks. Our Pearl Celluloid Assortments are a top-selling choice.


  • Publication Date: 2009-01-12
  • Publisher: D'Addario &Co. Inc
  • Product Group: Musical Instruments
  • Manufacturer: D'Addario &Co. Inc
  • Binding: Electronics
  • Brand: Planet Waves
  • Features:
    • Premium quality celluloid provides natural feel and warm, fat tone
    • Medium gauge (70mm) works well for both strumming and articulate picking
    • Standard shape for comfortable playing
    • 10 picks per package
    • The D'Addario pick packaging is designed for minimal waste and environmental impact
  • Item Dimensions:
    • Dimensions: 500L x 300W x 100H
    • Weight: 1
  • Package Dimensions:
    • Dimensions: 142L x 142W x 126H
    • Weight: 1
  • List Price: $4.75
  • Model Number: 1CAP4-10
  • UPC: 019954959494