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QIANSE Necklace Heart of Ocean Series Made with SWAROVSKI Crystals - Gift of Love! [Luxury Gift Packing]

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Qianse is one of the larger Swarovski Authorized jewelry manufacturers (http://b2bchecking.swarovski-b2b.com.hk Search:QIANSE) and all products carry SGS Product Quality Testing and Certification;

started 15 years ago and today has 380 employees, has a number of jewelry technology patents, and is a jewelry manufacturing leader; has a design team from Paris headed by Chief Designer Nina, one of the world's top designers who won many international awards. She has thousands of EU design patents and manages one of Europe's most professional jewelry design teams; gets and gives the most preferential prices, sophisticated technology, elegant design, luxurious packaging, and a refined experience.

For three consecutive years Qianse, behind the scenes, is one of the most popular designer jewelry brands in the world.


  • Publisher: QIANSE
  • Product Group: Jewelry
  • Manufacturer: QIANSE
  • Binding: Jewelry
  • Brand: QIANSE
  • ASIN: B00VL58FQ4