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LADY COLOUR [Gift Packing] Necklace "Venus" Shooting Star Engraved Necklace Made With SWAROVSKI Crystals - Best Christmas Gifts 2017

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♫ Design from Paris, Crystals from Swarovski

LADY COLOUR Jewelry owns a professional design team from Paris, all the products are decorated with light-catching crystals from Swarovski, which makes the jewelry sparkling, elegant and absolutely eye catching.

♫ Care Tips for your Crystal Jewelry:

* Store your jewelry separately to avoid the scratch

* Keep away from chemicals, sweat, bath, crash to avoid any damage

* Rub your Jewelry with baby wipes to bring back the shine


  • Publisher: LadyColour Jewelry
  • Product Group: Jewelry
  • Manufacturer: LadyColour Jewelry
  • Binding: Jewelry
  • Brand: LADY COLOUR
  • Model Number: 5548
  • ASIN: B01M0HDHA5