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Image of Biscriptality: A sociolinguistic typology (Akademiekonferenzen)

Biscriptality: A sociolinguistic typology (Akademiekonferenzen)

Производитель: Universitätsverlag Winter

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Serbs write their language in Cyrillic or Latin letters in seemingly random distribution. Hindi-Urdu is written in Nagari by Hindus and in the Arabic script by Muslims. In medieval Scandinavia the Latin alphabet, ink and parchment were used for texts 'for eternity', whereas ephemeral messages were carved into wood in runes. The Occitan language has two competing orthographies. German texts were set either in blackletter or in roman type between 1749 and 1941. In Ancient Egypt the distribution of hieroglyphs, hieratic and demotic was much more complex than commonly assumed. Chinese is written with traditional and simplified characters in different countries.

This collective monograph, which includes contributions from eleven specialists in different philological areas, for the first time develops a coherent typological model on the basis of sociolinguistic and graphematic criteria to describe and classify these and many other linguistic situations in which two or more writing systems are used simultaneously for one and the same language.
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Image of Vermitteln - Übersetzen - Begegnen (Nova Mediaevalia)

Vermitteln - Übersetzen - Begegnen (Nova Mediaevalia)

Производитель: V&R unipress

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English summary: This anthology approaches premodern phenomena of transfer with various characters from an interdisciplinary perspective. The essays adopt a broad concept of transfer: both the transfer of material objects and ideas are addressed, as well as textual transfer in terms of quotations, references or translations. The authors, all of whom are maediaevalists, treat issues of adequate translations, of the spreading of religious ideas or of the discursive work with literary figures or philosophical concepts using the various approaches of their parent disciplines, whether archaeology, German philology, history, Romance philology, philosophy, Scandinavian studies and Slavonic studies. The volume is completed by a plea for the extension of the idea of cultural transfer in terms of communication history. German history. German description: Dieser Sammelband nahert sich aus interdisziplinarer Perspektive vormodernen Transferphanomenen unterschiedlichen Charakters an. Die Beitrage gehen von einem weiten Transferbegriff aus und nehmen sowohl materiellen und Ideentransfer als auch textuellen Transfer im Sinne von Zitaten, Anspielungen oder Ubersetzungen in den Blick. Die AutorInnen mit den Heimatdisziplinen Archaologie, Germanistik, Geschichte, Romanistik, Philosophie, Skandinavistik und Slavistik bearbeiten jeweils mediavistisch orientiert mit vielfaltigen Ansatzen unter anderem Fragen des adaquaten Ubersetzens, der Verbreitung religioser Ideen und der diskursiven Arbeit mit literarischen Figuren oder philosophischen Konzepten. Den Abschluss des Bandes bildet ein Pladoyer fur die kommunikationsgeschichtliche Erweiterung des Kulturtransfers.
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Image of Congruence in Contact-Induced Language Change (Linguae & Litterae)

Congruence in Contact-Induced Language Change (Linguae & Litterae)

Производитель: De Gruyter

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Modern contact linguistics has primarily focused on contact between languages that are genetically unrelated and structurally distant. This compendium of articles looks instead at the effects of pre–existing structural congruency between the affected languages at the time of their initial contact, using the Romance and Slavic languages as examples. In contact of this kind, both genetic and typological similarities play a part.

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